Established in 1999, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences(KIMS) is dedicated to cultivate, Medical Professionals with a heart for life... for life. Looking at a broader perspective KIMS aims to harness advances in Medical Science towards curing disease. The Institute brings with it an intellectual environment that nurtures sincerity, dedication & ingenuity.

  • The 'Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences' is to be a centre of academic excellence through appropriate, innovative and need-based programs of teaching, research, service and extension with community orientation, in a, student – friendly learning environment.
  • Empowering the medical students with appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to the needs of the patients and the community at large.
  • Providing technology-mediated education (ICT) and to shift the focus from teaching to learning.
  • Providing access to the disadvantaged sections of the society to the medical education. Promoting research among faculty and students.
  • Instill in the students a sense of national pride and infuse ethical and moral values and commitment to society.


"Establishing an Institute of Medical Sciences and Research of global standards to serve the people in the region with advanced medical facilities with special focus on rural population".

KIMS is dedicated to:

Develop caring Medical Professionals for whom human life comes before anything and      reaches beyond everything.

The uplift of Health & improvement of living standards of the neighborhood & the society at large.

Join hands with other institutes of repute, towards research activities aimed at a healthy tomorrow.