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List of CME Programmes / Guest Lecture


Guest Lecture:

S. No Date Topic Speaker / Guest Speaker 
Department Of Anesthesiology
46 24.04.2016 (Sunday)
End Stage Renal Disease- Anaesthetic Implications Dr. Rajashekar Reddy
Failed Spinal Anaesthesia What Next Dr. Gopal Reddy
Applied Physics for Anaesthesiologist Dr. P. Surender,
Professor & HOD of Anaesthesiology,
Malla Reddy Medical College
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea- Anaesthetic Implications Dr. Ramakrishna Reddy,
Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology,
Mediciti Medical College
Interactive Session, Case Discussion. Delayed Recovery from General Anaesthesia
Causes – Treatment
Dr. N. Gopal Reddy, Dr. Rajeshwari
Department Of Psychiatry
45 24.04.2016 (Sunday)
OCD- Assessment and Management Dr. B. Rajashekar,
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad
Rapid Tranquilization Dr. P. Sai Krishna,
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, PIMS, Karimnagar
Research and Relevant tools in Psychiatry
Dr. M. Dattatrey & Dr. D. Rajkiran
National Mental Health Programme – A Review Dr. K. Prathyush
Department Of DVL
44 24.04.2016 (Sunday)
Non- Venereal Genital Dermatosis Dr. Ch. Madhu Babu,
Professor of DVL,
Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
Histopathology of Leprosy & Differential Diagnosis Dr. T. Sheshagiri Rao
Childhood Psoriasis Dr. A. Gnaneshwar Rao,
Professor & HOD of DVL,
SVS Medical College, Mahaboob Nagar
Department Of Pulmonary Medicine
43 24.04.2016 (Sunday)
Medical Thoracoscopy Dr. Laxman Babu,
M.D. Pulmonology and Critical Care Consultant in Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad
Electrotacautery, Cryotherapy in Pulmonary Medicine Dr. Nagarjuna Mathuru,
MD. DM & Interventional Pulmonologist
Consultant in Yashoda Hospital Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Recent advances in Laboratory Diagnosis of
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Dr. Laxmi Vasantha
HRCT in Diffuse Lung Disease Dr. Venkat Kishan
Department Of Forensic Medicine
42 27.03.2016 (Sunday)
Professionalism Dr. T. Mahender Reddy
Legal & Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Insemination Dr. Prashanth
Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine
Apollo Medical College, Hyderabad
Forensic Ballistics Dr. M. Ravinder Reddy
Maternal Deaths- Autopsy Features Dr. R. Sudha
Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine
Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
Department Of Microbiology
41 27.03.2016 (Sunday)
Basic Molecular Techniques Dr. K. Sai Leela
Advanced Molecular Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology Dr. D.S. Murthy,
Assoc. Professor of Microbiology
Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
Biomarkers in diagnostic microbiology Dr. MD. Khaleel
Professor of Microbiology Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
Department Of ENT
40 22.03.2016 (Sunday)
Paediatric Airway Dr. Ranga Reddy Sirigiri, MS ENT, MD (USA), Fellowship in Paediatric ENT (USA), Medical Director, Ozone Hospital
Adult Airway Dr. (Brig) P.S. Sukthankar , Professor of ENT
Early Detection and Intervention for Hearing impaired children Dr. M.V.V. Reddy, MS ENT, PhD, Professor & HOD of ENT KAMS & RC, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad
Implantable Hearing Aids Dr. Kabir, MS ENT, Asst. Professor, GMC, Secunderabad
Department Of Paediatrics
38 28.02.2016 (Sunday)
Newer Trends in Vaccination Dr. Suresh R J Thomas
Crying Infant Dr. Chandra Shekhar Jain
Neonatal Sepsis Dr. Kiran Kumar Haridas
Zika Virus an Emerging Problem Dr. Vasudev Murali Associate Professor of Paediatrics,Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad
Case Scenarios Dr. M. Dasaradha Rami Reddy
Department Of Ophthalmology
37 07.02.2016 (Sunday)
Fundus Degenerations in Myopia Dr. Aaliya Sultana,
Asst. Professor & Vitreo Retinal Surgeon S.D. Eye Institute, Hyderabad
Age Related Macular Degeneration Dr. Sudhir Babu. P
Fundus Dystrophies Dr. Irfan Faraz, Asst. Prof. & Vitreo Retinal Surgeon Bhaskara Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
Department Of General Medicine
36 30.12.2015 (Wednesday)
ARDS Dr. K. Yugaveer
Overview of infective endocarditis Dr. Leela Krishna. K
Advanced management of Heart failure Dr. N. Sudarshan
Newer guidelines in Epilepsy Dr. Rajender Prasad
CKD diagnosis approach and management by primary care physician Dr. Gopinath
Macrophage activation syndrome approach diagnosis and management Dr. Sachin Kumar
Neurological problems in HIV AIDS Dr. Y.S. Kanni
Department Of Paediatrics
35 28.11.2015 (Sunday)
Shock in children Dr. Kiran Haridas
ABG in Paediatrics Dr. K. Sailaja
Approach to Poisonings in children Dr. (Lt. Col) C.S. Jain
Mechanical Ventilation in children Dr. T. Srinivas
Latest Guidelines in NRP Dr. Suresh R.J. Thomas
Formulation of Research Question and Preparation of Thesis Protocol Dr. K. Nagaraj
Case Scenarios Dr. M. Dasaradha Rami Reddy
Department Of General Surgery
34 25.10.2015 (Sunday)
Anatomy and Physiology Dr. U.L.L. Narasamma
Benign lesions of oesophagus Dr. (Brig) P. Krishna Murthy
GERD Dr. A. Yadagirichari (MS,FICS), Dean, Prof. & HOD of General Surgery, Dr. VRK Women’s Medical College, Hyderabad
Carcinoma of Oesophagus Dr. Jagadishwar Goud G (MS, M.Ch), Robotic Surgeon on Surgical Oncologist, KIMS, Hyderabad
Case discussion Dr. U.L.L. Narasamma / Dr. Srinivas Behara
Department Of Obst & Gynaecology
33 25.10.2015 (Sunday)
Infertility - An overview Dr. P. Sudhir Babu
Investigations and its relevance to current time Dr. V. Vrunda Choudhary
Male infertility Dr. K.V.L.N. Sharma, Professor of Obst & Gynaecology, 
MIMS, Hyderabad 
PCOS Dr. Ambuja. C, Professor of Obst & Gynaecology, 
Mallareddy Medical College, Hyderabad 
Recent trends in Infertility Dr. Ahalya Reddy, Consultant, Obst & Gynaecology, 
KLS, King Koti, Hyderabad
Department Of Obst & Gynaecology
32 14.10.2015 (Wednesday)
High risk pregnancy and fetal evaluation Dr. Sunita Mishra
Diabetes in pregnancy Dr. K.V.L.N. Sharma, Professor of Obst & Gynaecology, MIMS, Ghanpur
PIH and recent trends in management Dr. V. Vrunda Choudhary
Jaundice and its impact on pregnancy Dr. N. Madhavi
ICU management of Obstetrics patient Dr. P.V. Sai Satyanarayana
Preterm pregnancy and its management Dr. Sunitha Sudhir
Department Of Pharmacology
31 09.09.2015
Physiology of Puberty Dr. B.V. Reddy
Physiological Anatomy of female reproductive system Dr. Santosh Palekar
Ovarian function, ovulation Dr. Umesh G. Balgi
Menstrual cycle Dr. R. Sunandhini, Assoc. Professor of Physiology, OMC, Hyderabad
Menstrual abnormalities Dr. P. Sudhir Babu
Department Of Anesthesiology
30 12.08.2015
Medication errors in anaesthesia Dr. Manohar
Non invasive ventilation Dr. (Col) V M Venugopalan
Hypotensive anaesthesia Dr. C. Radha Kishan Rao
Patient Safety during Anaesthesia Dr. N. Gopal Reddy
Peri Operative arrhythmias management Dr. P.V. Sai Satyanarayana
Central Neuraxial Blocks in Children Dr. K. Prabhavathi, Consultant Anaesthesiologist, NICE Hospital, Hyderabad
Anaesthesia for Obstetric Emergencies Dr. Rajeshwari
Department Of Emergency Medicine
29 10.06.2015
Ababdominal Trauma Dr. [Brig] P. Krishna Murthy
Facial Injuries Dr. G. Madhusudhan Rao
Trauma In Pregnancy Dr. Sunitha S Padugulu
Cardiac Trauma Dr. G. Arun Babu
Head Injury And Cervical Injury Dr. M.P.A. Babu Nagendra
Pelvic Trauma Dr. B. Venkataramana
Role Of Resuscitation In Trauma Dr. Kasturi Bhagawati
Pediatric Trauma Dr. G.V.S.N. Prasad
Role Of Radiology In Polytrauma Dr. T. Venkat Kishan
Role Of Emergency Physician In A Hospital Dr. S. Saravana Kumar, Hod & Sr. Consultant In Dr. Mehta’s Hospital Chennai
Chest Trauma Dr. T. Pradhan Kumar
Department Of Pharmacology
28 11.03.2015
Newer Drugs in Diabetes Mellitus Dr. C. Dinesh M Naidu
Drugs acting on NMDA Receptors Dr. P. Karuna Sree
Spectrophotometry - Applications Dr. S. Mabu Shareef
Stem cell Therapy Dr. S. Ramesh, Professor & HOD of Pharmacology, SIMS, Hyderabad
Department Of Biochemistry
27 11.03.2015
Inborn Errors of Metabolism - Present scenario Dr. Archana A. Dharwadkar
Inborn Error of Metabolism - Biochemical Basis Dr. N. Rajya Lakshmi
Inborn Error of Metabolism - Clinicians Approach Dr. Suresh R.J. Thomas
Quiz Dr. G. Chinnapu Reddy &
Dr. Fal Nitin Desai
Inborn Error of Metabolism - Diagnostic approach Dr. Rita Christopher, Professor & HOD of Neurochemistry, NIMHANS, Bangalore
Case discussion for PGs Dr. Khaja Mohinuddin Salar B M
Department of Community Medicine
26 10.12.2014
Health Planning Mr. Sajid Merchant
Quality in Health Management Dr. P. Souri Reddy
Role of NGO’s in Health Care Dr. M.V. Rao
Pre-hospital Care-Services Management Dr. Ramana Rao, EMRI, Hyderabad
Department Of Anatomy
25 12.11.2014
Gross Anatomy of Hip Joint Dr. S. Nagaraj
Relations of Hip Joint Dr. N. Gayatri

Approaches to Hip joint

  1. Anterior Approach
  2. Anterolateral Approach
  3. Posterior Approach
  1. Dr. Y. Srinivas, Assoc. Prof. of Orthopaedics
  2. Dr. M.E. Luther, Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics
  3. Dr. B.V. Ramana, Prof. of Orthopaedics
Imaging in Hip Joint Dr. K. Kusuma Kumar, Sr. Resident in Radiodiagnosis
Cadaveric Demonstration Dr. Ashish U Kamdi
Safe Surgical Dislocation of Hip joint Dr. M.V. Reddy, Prof. of Orthopaedics
Department Of DVL
24 08.10.2014
Etio-pathogenesis of Systemic Sclerosis Dr. G.V.R.N. Krishna Kanth, Assoc. Prof. of Pathology
Clinical features and diagnosis of Systemic Sclerosis Dr. Gurminder Singh
Management of Systemic Sclerosis Dr. V.P. Krishna, Asst. Prof of General Medicine
Aesthetics and Skin Dr. A. Parthasaradhi, Director of ASC, Hyderabad
Department Of Psychiatry



The scope of community Mental health services in India Dr. K. Nagaraj, Professor & HOD of Community Medicine
Intelligence… and Current trends and testing Mr. Indrapal Sailvi
Psychiatrist as a Liaison consultant Dr. P. Sai Krishna, Asst. Professor of Psychiatry, PIMS, Karimnagar
Depression……a Re - Visit Dr. N.V. Ramana Rao, MD (Bombay), DPM (NIMHANS), FIPS, Retired Prof. & HOD of Psychiatry, Guntur Medical College, Guntur
Department Of Pathology



Special Stains in Histopathology workshop (PAS, Mucicarmine, Reticulin, Van Gieson’s and Perl’s stains) Van Gainson’s Dr. V. Satyanarayana & B. Murali Krishna
Reticulin Dr. V. Satyanarayana & Dr. Dipkana Das
PAS Dr. T. Sheshagiri Rao & Dr. Subhasish Saha
Mucicarmine Dr. K. Raghu & Dr. V. Vijaya Sree
Perl’s Dr. G.V.R.N. Krishna Kanth & Dr. G. Amrutha
Anaemia - Do's and Don’ts Dr. Singi Shailesh Rajendra
Department Of Radiodiagnosis
21 09.07.2014
Imaging of Variation of paranasal sinuses Dr. T. Venkat Kishan
Imaging of larynx Dr. K. Kusuma Kumar
Radiology Quiz Dr. Chetan B S
Imaging of Non traumatic head & neck emergencies Dr. T. Venkat Kishan
Department Of Ophthalmology
20 11.06.2014 Optic Disc Evaluation Dr. G Amaresh
P O A G Dr. B.R.K. Rao
Tonometry Dr. P. Sudhir Babu
Visual Fields Dr. P.S.S. Soujanya
Medical Management of Glaucoma Dr. Gnana Jyothi Bada
Congenital Glaucoma Dr. Sudhir Babu
Normotensive Glaucoma Dr. Gnana Jyothi Bada
Department of ENT
19 14.05.2014 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Dr. Amrith Lal
Sleep Cycle Dr. K. Yugaveer, Asst. Prof. of Pulmonary Medicine
Health related consequences of
obstructive sleep apnea and response to therapy
Dr. M. Deepthi
Tracheal stenosis Dr. P.S. Sukthankar
Evaluation of voice disorders and role of Thyroplasty Dr. (Col) Rakesh Datta
Department Of Microbiology
18 12.03.2014 Identification of research question and sample size Determination Dr. K. Nagaraj
Epidemiological study designs Dr. Varun Malhotra M
Tests of significance Dr. Binu
Assoc. Professor of Statistics
Manipal University
Task on tests of significance
Validity of diagnostic test
Demo on statistical programme Mr. S. Ramesh
Department Of Orthopaedics
17 16.02.2014 Spine - Back to basics - Dr. Bharat Dave
Lumbar pedicle - Applied anatomy Dr. Bharat Dave
History taking - How important it is? Dr. D. Devanand
Red flags Dr. Bharat Dave
How to read X-rays - Spine Dr. D. Devanand
MRI reports (Don't get cheated…..) Dr. Devanand
Basics of lumbar canal stenosis Dr. B. Venkata Ramana
Decompression +/- fixation? When?? - Dr. B. Venkata Ramana
Lumbar Disc prolapse…. Basics Dr. Devanand
When to operate disc?? Dr. Bharat Dave
Cadaver hands - on
Table 1, 2
Table 3, 4
Table 5, 6

Dr. Bharat Dave
Dr. B. Venkata Ramana
Dr. Devanand
Department Of General Surgery
16 10.01.2014 Introduction & Surgical Anatomy Dr. P. Ramalingam
Diagnosis of carcinoma of breast
including breast biopsy
Dr. U.L.L. Narasamma
SLNB Dr. M. Subrahmanyam
Treatment of carcinoma of breast including
conservative breast surgery
Dr. (Brig.) P. Krishna Murthy
Reconstruction after surgery prevention &
prophylaxis of breast carcinoma
Dr. Srinivas Behara
Recent advances in Ca. Breast Dr. (Brig.) Manomoy Ganguly,
Consultant Oncosurgery
Command Hospital, Lucknow
Department of Paediatrics
15 13.11.2013 (Wednesday) Approach to a case of Involuntary Movements Dr. Rakesh A. Navale
Neonatal Ventilation Dr. Kuldeep
Recent trends in the management of  Congestive Cardiac Failure Dr. C. Soren
Overview of Paediatric HIV Dr. Usha Rani, Assoc. Professor of Paediatrics,  Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad 
Department of Obst & Gynaecology
14 09.10.2013 (Wednesday) Hirsutism  Dr. Suresh S. Santpur  Prof. (Retd) of Obst & Gynaecology  Govt. Medical College,  Miraj & Wanless Hospital, Miraj  
Primary Amenorrhoea  Dr. V. Vrunda Choudhary
Secondary Amenorrhoea   Dr. Unmesh S. Santpur
Role of Physician Vis - Avis Changing trends in obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Suresh S. Santpur  Prof. (Retd) of Obst & Gynaecology  Govt. Medical College, Miraj &  Wanless Hospital, Miraj  
Department of Physiology
13 11.09.2013 (Wednesday) Anatomy of Thyroid Gland Dr. S. Nagaraj
Physiological actions of Thyroid Hormones Dr. Sunil Kumar Rayan 
Disorders of Thyroid Gland Dr. Satish Patil
Management of Thyroid Disorders Dr. Nanda Kumar,  Professor & HOD of Physiology  MNR Medical College,  Sangareddy 
Department of Community Medicine
12 14.08.2013 (Wednesday) Descriptive Statistics Dr. Varun Malhotra
Tests of Significance Dr. K. Nagaraj
Data presentation techniques Mr. S. Ramesh
Selection of study subjects & determination of  sample size in Medical Research Dr. Sree Kumaran Nair, Prof. & HOD of Biostatistics  Manipal 
Department of Anaesthesiology
11 10.07.2013 (Wednesday) Anaesthetic management of a pregnant  patient for non-obstetric surgery Dr. M. Sujay
P.I.H and anaesthesiologists role Dr. Madhavi U. Santpur  
Labour Analgesia - What is new Dr. Sunil Pandya, Director Prerana  Anaesthesia & Critical Care Services  HOD Anaesthesia & Critical Care,  Fernandez Hospitals, Hyderabad 
Role of Anaesthesiologist in high risk obstetrics
Department of Pharmacology
10 10.06.2013 Newer - Antiplatelet drugs Dr. P. Karuna Sree
Drugs acting on cytoskeleton Dr. Mabu Shareef
Problem of Antibiotic Resistance and  Rational use of Antibiotics Dr. Naser. A. Tadvi
Drug therapy of HIV -Associated Secondary  infections Dr. Y. Venkat Rao
Department of Emergency Medicine
9 08.05.2013 Dealing with hemorrhage after accident Dr. C. Raghuram
To Drain or not to Drain in chest injuries Dr. G. Sarath Babu
Imaging in Neuro emergencies Dr. K. Vamshi Krishna
Emergency Medicine; past, present and future Dr. Bedin Dshilva, Prof. & HOD of Emergency  Medicine,  Care Hospital, Punjagutta, Hyderabad 
Department of Transfusion Medicine
8 10.04.2013 Blood components in clinical practice Dr. T. Ramamurti, Prof. & HOD Pathology,  KAMS & RC & Director of Laboratory Services,  KHL, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad
Demonstration of blood components  presentation at Blood Bank KIMS” Supervised Dr. S. Venkat
R.B.C Antibody Screening Dr. Sita Lakshmi, Prof. & HOD of Clinical Pathology,  St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore 
Transfusion Trigger
Department of Biochemistry
7 09.01.2013 Body fluids analysis - I (CSF, Pleural, Peritoneal,  Pericardial, Synovial fluids) Dr. Rajyalakshmi 
Body fluid analysis - II (Urine analysis Dr. Ch. Bindu Pavani
Establishment and use of  reference values and critical  Values Dr. G. Chinnapu Reddy 
Point of Care testing (POCT) Dr. Khaja Mohinuddin Salar B M 
Evidence based laboratory medicine:  Clinicians and Biochemists - Bridging the gap Dr. Asha Kiran, Professor of Biochemistry,  Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Tamaka, Kolar
Department of Transfusion Medicine
6 12.12.2012 (Wednesday) History of Blood Transfusion Dr. M.D. Sikinder Hayath 
Definition & Rational use of Blood Transfusion Dr. S. Venkat 
Basics of Pre-transfusion Testing Dr. S. Mahantappa 
Transfusion Reactions Dr. A. Surekha Devi, Consultant & Head of  Transfusion Medicine, Global Hospital, Hyderabad 
Transfusion Transmitted Infections” - by  Dr. R.K. Choudhary, Prof. & HOD of  Transfusion Medicine, SGPGIMS, Lucknow 
Component Therapy in clinical practice
Department of Microbiology
5 10.10.2012 (Wednesday) Tuberculosis - Present Scenario Dr. Rajendra B. Surpam 
Tuberculosis - Immunopathogenesis Dr. P. Lakshmi Vasantha
Current Issues on MDR TB Dr. Vishnu, Ex- Director,  Intermediate Referral Laboratory,  Training and Research Centre, Hyderabad.
Department of Anatomy
4 12.09.2012 (Wednesday) Anatomy of Rectum & Anal canal Dr. Ashish K. Umaji,
Demonstration of Rectum and Anal canal Mr. Krishna Chaitanya, and Mrs. H.R. Sharada, 
Anorectal disorders & its surgical aspects Dr. G. Suryanarayana Raju, Professor & HOD of Surgical Oncology,  NIMS, Punjagutta, Hyderabad
Department of Radiodiagnosis
3 08.08.2012 (Wednesday) Introduction to Practical aspect of  Interventional  Radiology Dr. (Col) Kamal Pathak,                 Sr. Advisor (Radiology), Military Hospital – CTC, Pune  
Imaging of Skull base lesions Dr. Vijay Pande 
Imaging of Neck Masses Dr. Vijay Kumar
Neuro Interventions Dr. (Col) Kamal Pathak,                 Sr. Advisor (Radiology), Military Hospital – CTC, Pune  
Department of ENT
2 11.07.2012 (Wednesday) Demonstration of Laryngeal Anatomy  
1. Evaluation of Larynx  2. Benign Diseases of Larynx Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Carcinoma of Larynx, total Larynegectomy  & Speech Rehabilitation Dr. (Brig.) P.S. Sukthankar
Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy for  Head & Neck Dr. Amrith Lal
Cochlear Implantation Dr. (Col) Girish, Professor of ENT, AFMC, Pune   
Department of General Surgery 
1 13.06.2012 (Wednesday) Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Dr. S.R.K. Prakash Rao 
Role of Colostomy in Paediatric Surgery Dr. Nripendra Nath Samanta
Pancreatico-Duodenal injuries Dr. Rajendra Desai 
Management of Pain in Pancreatitis Dr. P.V. Sai Satyanarayana
Management of Chronic Pancreatitis Dr. N. Bheerappa   Professor & HOD of Surgical Gastroenterology,  NIMS, Hyderabad


Zonal CME Programme:


S. No Date Topic Speaker / Guest Speaker * Download / View
Department Of Physiology
46 23.08.2015

Surgical Anatomy & Biomechanic of Hip

Dr. Sugnaneswar

Indications & Contraindications; Templating & Surgical approaches

Dr. Y. Srinivas

Cemented Total Hip Replacement

Dr. B.V. Ramana

Uncemented Total Hip Replacement

Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar

Complication of THR

Dr. M. Sreedhar

Revision Total Hip Replacement

Dr. (Col) M.E. Luther

2 Long Cases, 3 Short cases

All faculty members
Department Of Physiology
45 25.07.2015 (Saturday)
Ion channels & potentials Dr. Joya Raai, Prof. of Physiology, Gandhi Medical College
Origin and spread of cardiac impulse Dr. A. Vijaya Lakshmi
Normal ECG J.M. Desai, Prof. & Head of Physiology, Mamatha Medical College, Khammam
Abnormal ECG Dr. P.V. Sai Satyanarayana, Prof. & Head, Emergency Medicine
Demonstration of ECG recording
including Vector Analysis
Dr. Santhosh & Dr. Somani
Quiz Dr.Sunil Kumar Rayan & Dr. Bharati A Sherke
Department Of Pathology
44 22.07.2015
Normal Anatomy and Pilosebaceous Lesions of the Skin Dr. T. Sheshagiri Rao
Sweat gland Tumors Dr. B. Murali Krishna
Epidermal Tumors of the skin Dr. V. Vijaya Sree
Melanocytic lesions Dr. G.V.R.N. Krishna Kanth
Seminar “(Non Neoplastic lesions of the skin)” Dr. B. Pavani, Consultant Pathologist, Ozone Hospital, HYD
Slide Test Dr. V. Satyanarayana
Department Of Anatomy
43 29.03.2015
Anatomy of Inguinal Canal Dr. Ashish Kamdi
Defence Mechanisms and Types of Inguinal Hernias Dr. N. Himabindu, Professor of Anatomy, BMC, Hyderabad
Operative Procedures in Inguinal Hernias Dr. P. Ramalingam
Laparoscopic Management of Inguinal Hernias Dr. P. Krishna Murthy
Inguinal Hernias in Children Dr. N. N. Samanta
Cadaveric Demonstration of Inguinal Canal Dr. Gayatri N
Mr. K. Krishna Chaitanya
Department Of ENT
42 22.02.2015
Cadaver demo - septorhinoplasty Dr. K. Narsimloo
Paediatric Airway
Dr. Ranga Reddy Sirigiri, MS ENT, MD (USA), Fellowship in Paediatric ENT (USA), Medical Director, Ozone Hospital
‘Depressive Disorders’ - An Overview
Adult Airway

Dr. (Brig) P.S. Sukthankar
Quiz Dr. M. Deepthi
Early Detection and Intervention for Hearing impaired children Dr. M.V.V. Reddy, MS ENT, PhD, Professor & HOD of ENT, KAMS & RC, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad
Implantable Hearing Aids Dr. Kabir, MS ENT, Asst. Professor, GMC, Secunderabad
Department Of Psychiatry
40 22.02.2015
‘BPAD’ - An overview Dr. N. Srikrishna, Assoc. Prof. of Psychiatry, GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry
‘Sexual Disorders’ - An overview
Dr. P. Sai Krishna, Asst. Professor of Psychiatry, PIMS, Karimnagar
‘Depressive Disorders’ - An Overview

Dr. P. Rama Krishna, Prof. & HOD of Psychiatry, DCMS, Hyderabad
Department of DVL
39 22.02.2015
Differential Diagnosis Oral Ulcer &
Dr. Gurminder Singh B
Oculo-Cutaneous Manifestation
Dr. Masthan Saheb, Prof. of DVL, SMC, Nandyal, Kurnool
Approach to genital ulcer disease & Management Dr. Uday Kumar, Professor of DVL, GMC, Secunderabad
Dr. M. Arun Kumar, Prof. & HOD &
Dr. Gurminder Singh B, Asst. Prof. of DVL
Department Of Pulmonary Medicine
38 22.02.2015
FCCP Dr. Subhakar, Prof. of Pulmonary Medicine
Govt. General & Chest Hospital
Dr. Vishwanath, Consultant, Continental Hospital, Hyderabad
Sleep Medicine - An overview Dr. Laxman Babu
Ventilator associated pneumonias
Dr. Mateenuddin Saleem
Department Of Anaesthesiology
37 22.02.2015
Nanotechnology in anaesthesia & critical care Dr. N. Gopal Reddy
Fluorosis Anaesthetic implication
Dr. Aruna Subash, Prof. & HOD of Anaesthesiology, MIMS, Ghanpur
Emerging pharmacological & Non pharmacological aspects in pain management Dr. Muralidhar Joshi, Director, Pain Management Center, Kamineni Hospital, King Koti, Hyderabad
Interactive session - Case discussion thyroid and Anaesthesia Dr. (Col) V.M. Venugopalan, Prof. of Anaesthesiology
Dr. Vadiraj, Asst. Prof. of Anaesthesiology
Department Of Microbiology
36 25.01.2015
Recent advances and Immuno prophylaxis on rabie Dr. K. Amarender Reddy, Director, IPM, Hyderabad
Maintenance, Handling of laboratory animals & use of lab animal models in Microbiology
Dr. P. Suresh, Scientist “F”, Head NCLAS, NIN, Hyderabad
Zoonotic Diseases Dr. P. Lakshmi Vasantha
Demonstration of handling of animals and inoculation methods Dr. Thakur Dinesh Kumar Singh


Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences

Narketpally – 508 254

List of CME Programmes / workshops


List of PG Seminars :

S. No Date Topic Chairperson
Cholithiasis with Cholidocholithiasis
31 22.07.2015
  • Anatomy of Biliary Apparatus
    Etiopathogenesis of Cholithiasis with Cholidocholithiasis
    Management of Cholithiasis with Cholidocholithiasis

Dr. (Brig.) P. Krishna Murthy, Professor of General Surgery

30 24.06.2015
  • HELLP Syndrome
  • Massive Transfusion in PPH - Protocol & Complications
  • DIC

Dr. N. Madhavi, Professor of Obst & Gynaecology

29 27.05.2015
  • Lab diagnosis of Leukemias
  • Management of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias
  • Clinical features & Management of Chronic Myeloid Leukemias

Dr. M. Dasaradha Rami Reddy, Professor & HOD of Paediatrics

Knee Joint Replacement
28 22.04.2015
  • Clinical and operative approach for Total Knee Replacement
  • Radiological Investigation for knee replacement
  • Infrastructure support and management issue in TKR

Dr. P. Souri Reddy, GM, Hospital Administration

27 25.03.2015
  • Mechanism of action and adverse effects of Anti TB drugs

Dr. K. Nagaraj, Professor & HOD of Community Medicine

Acute Abdomen
26 28.01.2015
  • Acute intestinal obstruction, etiology and emergency management
  • Non-surgical medical causes of Acute abdomen in children
  • Acute Intestinal obstruction surgical management

Dr. Srinivas Behara, Professor of General Surgery

25 28.01.2015
  • Physiology of hearing
  • Meniere’s disease & management
    Drug induced ototoxicity

Dr. N. Sudarshan, Professor of General Medicine


Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences

Narketpally – 508 254

List of CME Programmes / workshops


List of Integrated Teaching :

S. No Date Topic Chairperson
List Of Integrated / Case Based Teaching
7 5.07.2015
  • Clinical case:
    40 yrs old obese female patient
    Presented with pain abdomen (2 days), fever with chills (2 days) yellowish discoloration of eyes (2 days)
    Past H/O recurrent attacks of colicky abdominal pain for the last 6 months
    O/E temp – 380C, Icterus +,
    P.A: Rt. Upper quadrant Tenderness +,
    Murphy’s sign +ve,
  • Points for discussion: -
    What is the management? (Diagnosis and treatment)
    Case of jaundice in this case
    Complications of Ac. Cholecystitis
    Complications after cholecystectomy (Open / Lap)
    Causes of obstructive jaundice
Dr. P. Ramalingam, Professor of General Surgery
6 17.06.2015

Clinical case:

  1. .Un booked case – Primigravida with 34 weeks of GA perceiving good fetal movement
    C/o of sudden onset of pain abdomen and giddiness and presented with mild bleeding PV reported to labour room on 03.03.2015 at 9.45 PM. Her recent CBP report showed Hb 8.2% gms. Usg 30 weeks revealed twin gestation dichronic and diamniotic both placenta was fundal anterior grade II. Both the babies were in breech presentation.
  2. On examination: Vitals: 88/min BP 130/90 mm hg
    P/A examination: Uterine height more than POG. Over dustended abdomen and tense. P/V patient was found to be in early labour.
    Cervix soft mid position
    30% effaced
    2 cm dialated
    Date: 03-03-2015
    CBP report blood group O+ve
    HB 8.4% TC 150000 Platelet count 1.2 lakhs
    Usg – twin gestation with twin a breech presentation and twin B transverse lie
    Gestational Age 32 weeks 4 days
    Placenta both anterior upper segment Grade II fundal
    Getal weight twin A 1.1 kg Twin B 1.4 kg
    AFI 20-21 cm
Dr. P. Sudhir Babu, Professor of Obst & Gynaecology
5 20.05.2015
  • 2years old child admitted in the hospital with H/O fever, recurrent infections, bleeding nose, poor weight gain & maculopapular rash.
  • O/E-Pallor is present, Lymphadenopathy present, Moderate hepatomegaly, Marked Splenomegaly, Maculopapular rash present, skin nodules present, Ophthalmoscopic examination revealed optic disc changes, Tinytan colored spots on the Iris.
  • Lab findings : Hb (less than 8 mg%)
    TWBC count (> lakh/Cumm with precuesor cells) with Monocytosis
Dr. N. Sudarshan, Professor of General Medicine
4 15.04.2015

Clinical situation:

A train travelling from Chennai to Hyderabad meets with an accident, when the train is hit by an oncoming goods train on the same track. It is learnt that four (04) bogies of the passenger train have derailed and over turned.

The incident took place at about 6.00 PM approximately 50 kilometers from Narketpally.

The site of the accident is in accessible as there are no roads upto the accident site. The information of the accident is received in our hospital by 7.00 PM it has already become dark and there is no report on the number of people and injured.

We discuss the challenges of administration; Triage, casualty evaluation & role of radiology in such a clinical situation.

Dr. (Col) M.E. Luther, Professor & HOD of Orthopaedics
3 18.03.2015

Presenting complaints: Fever / Feverish feel 2 months Cough with expectoration 1 ½ month
Weakness/malaise unable to work 25 days Reddish blood in sputum thrice in the past two days
Asymptomatic 3 months back when noticed loss of appetite then gradually started feeling weak and lost weight 3 kgs in 3 months

Fever: low grade in the evenings past two months occasionally associated with chills but no rigors Cough: developed 1 ½ month initially dry for a week then started getting whitish pale sticky and frothy mucoid expectoration Alarmed in the past 2 days as he found blood in sputum on cough

Past History: Nil significant as he led a healthy life except for some seasonal fever and malaise twice in past 5 yrs. Had ? typhoid at the age of 11.

Personal History: Married 2 children aged 3 and 1Studied upto 2nd standard in village school

Agricultural labourer since the age of 15. Was a smoker for brief period of 2 – 2 ½ yrs at age 18 – 20. Occasional alcoholic. Had few extra marital encounters with more than three different partners prior to marriage and when wife was away.

Examination: Average height and built Well nourished but appears pale, PR = 93, RR = 23, BP = 120/76, Temp = 99*F, SaO2 = 96%, No other significant finding, RESP SYST ::: URT – Normal

Lungs – Bil equal air entry in all the zones Medium to coarse crepts in the right Infra clavicular, Axillary & Rt upper inter scapular areas.

Investigations: Hb 11.2 gms%, TC & DC : WNL, LFT : Normal, Renal Func : Normal, Sputum AFB +ve, Retrovirus 1 & 2 : +ve, CXRay : Multiple infiltrates / Patchy consolidation and a 2.5 cm cavity in the RT UL

Dr. Mateenuddin Saleem, Professor of Pulmonary Medicine
2 18.02.2015

Chief complaints: Distension of abdomen since 3 days Vomiting Pain in epigastric region
History of parents illness: Patient was referred from medical ward as a case of acute abdomen who was apparently alright 2 months back to start with pain in epigastric region since 2 months which is aggravated by food intake, on and off relieved by vomiting which is sometimes bilious in nature. Patient also started experiencing marked distension of abdomen since 3 days.

Past History: He suffered from similar complaints and visited many hospitals since 10 years.

Personal History: Loss of weight 10 kgs during past 2-3 months, Occasional smoker – No H/O Bronchial asthma and TB / HTN / DM

Family History: His father had similar complaints who was operated twice but no details were available.

General Examination: Patient is conscious, coherent, co-operative, well oriented to time, place, person, Afebrile, dehydrated, emaciated and cachetic.
System Examination:

  • Per abdomen:
    • Tenderness over epigastric region
    • Abdomen grossly distended with visible left to right peristalsis
    • RTA – 1200 cc bile stained food
    • No palpable lump / no organomegaly / no free fluid
    • Virchow’s negative
    • Both testes are normal
  • Respiratory system: Air entry equal on-both sides, no added sounds
  • Cardiovascular system: s1 and s2 are normal. No added murmurs
    • Per rectal: NAD
    • Routine investigations: Normal
Dr. P. Ramalingam, Professor of General Surgery
1 21.01.2015
  • 60 years old female patient came with complaints of vertigo and tinnitus for the past one week which was gradual in onset.
  • H/o cerebrovascular accident 1 year age.
  • K/C/O Hypertension.
  • K/C/O Diabete & Hypothyroidism
  • K/C/O cervical spondylosis
  • No H/O ear discharge or head injury or surgeries on ear.


    • Pallor +
    • Neck stiffness +
    • Cautions gait
    • Romberg test +
    • Cerebellar function test - Normal
      No manifest nystagmus


  • Puretone audiometry - moderate to severe SNHL
  • Impedance audiometry - Normal middle ear pressure

ENG - Sinessoidal wave form

ENG - Sinessoidal wave form


Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences

Narketpally – 508 254

List of CME Programmes / workshops


Other Programmes :

Training In Basic Sciences And Research Methodology

The institution imports training in Basic Sciences and Research Methodology and Biostatistics as a short course for the newly joined PG students. PG students are also refreshed on various aspects of research methodology throughout the course to help them in their Dissertation Work.

Faculty members are also trained in Research Methodology and Biostatistics through workshops.

Training in Medical Education Technology:

The MEU in KIMS, Narketpally is undertaking the following functions.

Teacher's Training course extending to the faculty of KIMS, KIDS and PG students

Basic Life Support extending to the Internees, PGs, Faculty of KIMS, KIDS, KIMSCON and students of KIDS & KIMSCON.

Training In Basic Life Support

The Medical Education Unit also provides training in BLS to various categories of students.


No. of participants attended Basic Life Support.

UG Students 





USTPL Employees

Faculty Members










USTPL Employees







ASHA Workers







  Total 1282

NSS Unit

National service scheme unit of KIMS is functional since last seven years. A total if 150 MBBS students are actively working as NSS volunteers. Dr. Abhay Nirgude, Associate Professor Dept. of Community Medicine is the NSS programme officer

The motto of NSS is "Not Me But You" this express the essence of democratic living and upholding the need for selfless service for community

AIM: - Development of the personality of the students through community service



To work with/among people

To make learning community oriented.


Services given by NSS volunteers 2011-2012

  1. Nine general health cheek up camp
  2. Monthly one IEC activity on preventing health problems including HIV/AIDS
  3. School based health promotion programmes e.g. adolescent education programme, etc.
  4. World health day rally
  5. World AIDS day rally & World breast feeding week
  6. National community harmony week
  7. NSS 7 Day Special Camp

Red Ribbon Club:

Red Ribbon Club student volunteers under APIADSCON & NSS are actively working for prevention & control of HIV/AIDS. A total 50 RRC volunteers are trained by APAIDSCON.

Activities include creating awareness among youth regarding life skill education and prevention & control of HIV/AIDS. Also to increase stock of safe blood by promoting voluntary blood donation by students and volunteers



  1. KAMINENI INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (KIMS) Narketpally, Nalgonda, district Andhra Pradesh, is one of the Andhra Pradesh consortium of 16 medical colleges that works towards strengthening of HIV/AIDS services in Nalgonda district. It is supported by APSACS &CDC ATLANTA U.S.A.
  2. APAIDSCON is guided by a steering committee which meets once a quarter. Prof &HOD community medicine is the steering committee member from KIMS.
  3. A core HIV management meets every month to guide the HIV / AIDS activities at KIMS.
  4. An integrated counseling and testing centre (ICTC) has been functioning at KIMS Hospital since 2006 to detect and counsel HIV positive patients.
  5. A 10 bedded community care centre (CCC) has been functioning since AUG2008 to provide care support and treatment to HIV /AIDS patients of Nalgonda district.
  6. HIV/ AIDS patients are being provided medical/surgical treatments and MCH care without any stigma or discrimination.
  7. KIMS is involved in HIV-TB co infection activities by participating in quarterly district coordination meetings on HIV-TB co infection chaired by District Collector Nalgonda.
  8. Faculty, PG s, Internees, Nurses and Housekeeping staff are being sensitized on HIV / AIDS at regular intervals by lecture –Demo, workshops and hands on clinical training under guidance of APAIDSCON.

Integrated Disease Survelliance Project (IDSP):

  1. Integrated Disease Surveillance Project is a decentralized state based surveillance system in the country .The project is intended to detect early warning signals of impending outbreaks and help initiate an effective response in a timely manner in urban and rural areas.
  2. Department of Community Medicine Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences Narketpally is involved in surveillance activities of communicable diseases by collecting details of admissions of all infectious diseases as per Form "P" and the report is forwarded to district surveillance unit, Office of D.M.H.O, Nalgonda on every Monday as a part of primary public health activity of disease surveillance by medical college.
  3. Department of Pathology and Microbiology of KIMS are involved in laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases by reporting as per Form "L" weekly to district surveillance unit Nalgonda along with Form " P " .
  4. District Rapid Response Team (RRT) has been constituted by Office of D.M.H.O Nalgonda where the faculty from Department of Community Medicine and Department of Microbiology have been included as members .
  5. In the event of out- break in Nalgonda district the RRT will move to the spot to investigate and suggest control measures.

National Health Programmes KIMS Narketpally

1 World health day celebration 2011(07-04-2011) Theme :-Antimicrobial Resistance

Quiz on WHO Day theme was organized by NSS volunteers.
Leaflets were distributed regarding prevention and control of Antimicrobial Resistance

A total of 75 NSS volunteers participated in the activity.
2 Health Education on Prevailing health problems including HIV/AIDS. (30-05-2011) 45 NSS volunteers along with NSS PO & Internees, doctors from Department of community Medicine participated in the door to door H.E. drive at Harijanawada of Panagal village. Health Education on Prevailing health problems including HIV/AIDS was given in small group to the people in the Govt. colony area.
3 Health Education on Prevailing health problems including HIV/AIDS.(28-06-11) 40 NSS volunteers along with NSS PO & Internees, doctors from Department of community Medicine participated in the door to door H.E. drive at B C Colony of Cherlapally village.
4 Orientation programme for MBBS first year students.
Orientation regarding NSS was given by organizing lecture with help of A-V aids to 150 first MBBS students on 07-07-11 from 8am to 10am.
5 General & School Health Check-up.
Adolescent Education Programme at Prerana Concept School, Kanakdurga Colony, Nalgonda. (16-07-2011)
32 NSS volunteers along with NSS PO & Internees, doctors from Department of community Medicine participated in the general health check-up programme. A total of 110 adults from the colony and 280 students of the school were examined and necessary medicines given free of cost.

Adolescence Education programme was conducted at Prerana concept school .A total of 49 boys & 56 girls were given health education on Growing up, Physiology of menstruation, Nutrition, Life Skills & HIV/AIDS prevention & Control by Participatory learning methods.
6 Observation of World Breast Feeding Week 2011 at Pallavi Anganwadi center, Harijanawada, Nalgonda.
25 NSS volunteers along with NSS PO, Prof & Head department of SPM (Dr K. Nagaraj), Postgraduates, Interns & Staff from Department of community Medicine participated in the World Breast feeding week activity. The activity includes
Health Education on importance of Breast feeding to Antenatal and postnatal mothers.

Distribution of Fruits to the mothers and children under the Anganwadi center.
7 Health Education on Prevention and control of Vector borne diseases (28-09-2011) 38 NSS volunteers along with NSS PO & Internees, doctors from Department of community Medicine participated in the door to door H.E. drive at Ramakrishna Nagar. Health Education on Prevailing health problems' including Prevention and control of Vector born diseases was given in small group to the people in the Ramakrishna Nagar.
8 General Health Check up at Old age home Dhandampally Village (29-10-2011) 26 NSS volunteers along with NSS PO ,Prof & Head department of SPM (Dr K. Nagaraj) , Postgraduates, Interns and doctors from Ophthalmology, Gynac, Medicine specialty had conducted free general health check-up camp. A total of 34 patients attended the camp & free medicines were given to the needy patients.

Health Education on Prevailing health problems including DM and Hypertension was given to the occupants of old age home.
9 Mega Health Check-up Programme & Health Education on Mass Drug Administration against Filariasis including HIV/AIDS  (24-11-2011) 29 NSS volunteers along with NSS PO ,Prof & Head department of SPM, Postgraduates, Interns and doctors  from Ophthalmology, Gynac, Medicine, Pediatrics specialty had conducted free general health check-up camp  at Dhandampally school. A total of 190 patients attended the camp & free medicines were given to the needy patients.

Health Education on Mass Drug Administration against Filariasis including HIV/AIDS was given in small group to the people in the village area and also by going house to house in groups of 3-4 trained NSS Volunteers.

Health education on prevention and control of vector borne diseases was given to 7th, 8th and 9th standard students.
10 Communal harmony week was observed from 19 Nov 2011 to 25 Nov 2011. 63 Nss volunteers along with NSS PO participated in communal harmony week celebration. I.E.C. activity was undertaken with help of charts and posters regarding communal harmony.

An essay competition was held on "Role of Health professional in bringing communal harmony in the society".

Collection of rupees 20,544/- was done for fund on flag day i.e. on 25th Nov 2011.
11 Observation of World AIDSDay  01/12/2011 A Rally was organized by involving 350 students from KIMS, KCON, KSON, KIDS in Narketpally village.

World AIDS Day Seminar was organized on WAD

Theme:- Getting Zero- Zero New HIV Infection, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS related deaths"

Leaflets on the WAD Theme were distributed by NSS Volunteers.
12 Health Education on Prevailing Health Problems and HIV/AIDS (5-01-2012) 28 NSS volunteers participated in House to House drive of Health education on Prevailing Health Problems and HIV/AIDS at Marrigudam Village.
13 Pulse Polio Immunization Activity 19 Feb 2012 booth day & 20th and 21st house to house activity National Immunization Day 2012 was observed on 19th Feb 2012. A Total of 25 NSS volunteers participated in booth day and house to house pulse polio immunization activity.
14 NSS special camp was undertaken during 13th march 2012 to 19th march 2012. NSS special Camp was organized at Dhandampally & Chandanpally Village.
15 Observation of World TB Day ( 24th march 2012) World TB Day activities were undertaken at Urban Slum area of  Nalgonda Town. Door to Door Health education on prevention and control of  TB was given. Health education was given to the patients attending UHC, Panagal.
16 Medical Certification of Cause of  Death (MCCD) training programme of AP Medical Health & Health Services Training programme was conducted on 10-04-12 at  KIMS, Narketpally . The 74 participating doctors included faculty members, duty medical officers and post-graduates representing different departments of medical college
17 Mass Drug Administration of against Filariasis MDA programme was conducted in the field practice area of Urban Health Centre, Panagal during 22-12-11 to 27-12-11.
18 Leprosy awareness programme under National Leprosy Elimination Campaign The programme was conducted in the wards under Urban Health Centre, Panagal